Update 1

I myself has just updated ReFNF to add polish into it!
Here are the examples:

Original Version/Web Version:

Polished Version (dunno why the dumb's limo drive is behind the speakers..):

If you are downloading the new version and have already installed the original version, here's what you should do:

1. Delete the folder inside assets named "images" This is the base mod release folder.

2. Download Update 1, (if you have already go to step 3)

3. Extract ReFNF Update 1's zip folder

4. Take the images folder from the zip file and put it into your assets folder on your downloaded version of FNF

After that, you're set!

I also want to address the issue with some missing assets within the Whitty mod. There will be an update with all of the assets from Update 1 Imported, but as well as the rest of the assets. It will come sooner, but for now, I am taking a short break from working on this mod to fulfill needs upon school work.

I hope you enjoy!


ReFNF Update 1.zip 77 MB
Mar 03, 2021

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